Wet Coulee Cemetery

The Wet Coulee Cemetery is located in the Town of Farmington. It is found on Amundson Road, south of the junction of State Rd 108 and County D. Location is in Sect. 35 W 1/4 NW 1/4.

Aalien Berthe000
Aalien Maans000
Almos Anna E.18551942135
Anderson Antonius000
Anderson Arnold baby000
Anderson Grandpa000
Anderson Leslie baby000
Anderson Leslie baby000
Anderson Milo J.191519161315
Benjamin daughter000
Bryhn Norman JamesNov 03 1904Feb 05 19051119
Christianson AdelineAug 15 1921Oct 06 19211310
Christianson Anna189218921321
Christianson Dorothy1929132
Christianson Inga E.Jan 10 1890Jan 02 1974138
Christianson JohannaNov 185919041323
Christianson Manley1929133
Christianson MariaSep 188919031322
Christianson Mathild188419001322
Christianson Ole C.Oct 1858Jun 14 19451323
Christianson Richard186518901320
Christianson RikardSep 189519011321
Christianson Simon CNov 15 18861959136
(*)Christianson StanleyJan 24 1925Sep 29 1950137
Christianson Willard19301933139
Dahlby Bergine18261892000
Duresky Daniel GeneMay 15 1963Jun 03 2006000
Eliasson MarthaFeb 19 1842Aug 18 1895171
Eliasson PederMar 31 1834Apr 09 19151719
Eliasson Peder Jr.172
Ellingson Mr.000
Ellingson Mrs.000
Evenson Hans000
Finn Mina000
Gilbertson Matt000
Gilbertson Matt son000
Halvorsen Halvor181318951117
Halvorsen Tonette182019071118
Hart BabyFeb 27 1907Feb 27 19071717
Hart Viola E.190519061718
Johanson Jens181718941419
Johnson Bertha child000
Johnson Halvor child000
Johnson Hedda dau000
Johnson Jens000
Johnson Julius baby000
Johnson Mrs. Julius000
Johnson Petter000
Johnson Sivert183018991517
Larson Oline000
Larson Taasen000
(*)Loveng Ole18751931173
Loveng Pernille18671947174
Maren Grader000
Matson Marie000
Mikkelson Johannes000
Mikkelson Olia000
Olson Carla M.Jun 01 1932Jun 01 1932182
Olson Jo000
Olson Merit000
Ophus Clara187619621714
Ophus Ole186319491715
Paisley child000
Paisley child000
Rhyme Harold EdwinNov 28 1926Feb 26 2003000
Simonson MartinJun 09 1865Apr 21 18951312
Simonson MartineDec 19 1839Jul 19 19141311
Simonson Mathie000
Simonson Mathie baby000
Staff Anne000
Staff Carl000
Staff Nils000
Strange child000
Strange child000
Strange child000
Wall Nils child000
Wall Nils child000
Wold BerntMay 31 1880Nov 11 1881148
Wold ClaraAug 24 1875May 02 1882147
Woll Peton187618821416
Woll Thea188118871415