Message To WSHS Graduates!

For some time now I have been on a mission to collect a set of West
Salem High School yearbooks (annuals) for West Salem's Village
Library.  As you can see from the Graduates List, I have done rather
well in my endeavor, though my collection is not complete. Where
necessary, some of the names have been recorded from the Junior,
Sophomore and Freshmen Classes.  It is not very accurate, but it is the
best I can do under the circumstances.

In the process of collecting these yearbooks for the West Salem Public
Library, I found that the West Salem High School Library has a
collection of them.  The West Salem School District Office, as well as
the West Salem Historical Society and the La Crosse City Library all
have partial collections of them.  There are five of these collections
other than my own and all of them can use yearbooks that they are
missing. I plan to donate to these collections when I acquire extra
yearbooks that they might need.

Given this need, I can make use of any and all yearbooks that West
Salem High School Alumni might have, and who would consider donating
for these purposes.  I am sure that they would be greatly appreciated. 
If you wish to contribute your yearbooks, please send them to me at my
below address and I will place them in whichever collections need them.

Thank you very much!