From time to time this space will be used to bring information to those
who use the cemetery data files in their genealogical searches. Please
read this information periodically.

Mar 08 1999
A few astute Internet surfers have emailed me to inform me that I am
using the wrong photo in the Asbury and the Barre cemetery listings.
They are very observant and correct.  I am using a "dummy" cemetery
photo in these listings as I want to wait until spring so that I can
take a shot of these cemeteries that show green grass and leaves.

Feb 24 1999
I am grateful for the help and information that comes from people who
peruse my website's cemetery data files. They supply missing birth dates
and death dates and sometimes a corrected spelling of a name.

I recently sent a list of names and partial dates to our local Funeral
Home and asked them to fill in any missing dates for people who were
buried from their business. Today, Feb 24, I received from them a long
list of names and dates to be added to my files.  I have added this data,
so, if you are looking for missing dates for names on your list, please
go back and check again.  Perhaps they are there now.

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