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Gary at work on his new Saturday morning Polka Show


Gary's radio career started back in April of 1989 as he was a junior in Cashton
High School.  He worked part-time at a station in Sparta, Wisconsin. They had a
different musical format, but do to Gary's love of Polka Music, they let him
play all Polkas when he came in to work.  Then later on down the road, Gary
decided to make radio his full-time career.  He then hosted a daily morning
Polka show.  Also at the time, he started to promote Polkas on a second station
on Thursday evenings.  After the morning station decided to make some changes,
Polkas went off the air for a little while.  Then in April of 1996, Gary
started a new Polka Show on AM-1490, WLFN in La Crosse, Wisconsin.  His show
ran every Sunday evening from 6:00 to 8:00 PM.  Listener's were able to send in
requests for the show through the mail, or over the internet. During his radio
years, he also learned to promote ALL styles of Polkas.

Gary's Sunday night Polka Show on WLFN is no more.  It had been going for a
number of years. It started out as a live show, with an occasional taped show
when he was not in the area.  Due to an increase in his busy playing schedule
he had to give up the radio show for some rest.  On June 16th, 2001, Gary came
back on the air on AM-1460, WTMB, out of Tomah, Wisconsin with the "Weekend
Polka Party" from 8-10 AM.

UPDATE!!!!  As of Jan 27nd, 2007, Gary's radio show is switched back to the AM
mode on WBOG - AM 1460, out of Tomah, Wisconsin with his "Weekend Polka Party".
The radio show now runs from 7-10 AM on Saturdays.

People can still call him live in the studio, send cards and letters, and can
also e-mail in song requests for the show.

Call in phone number (request line) for the studio is 1-800-736-9264.

Email address is "".

Take a listen if you are in the area!