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Here is Karl's Country Dutchmen band in their casual dress and upscale style
music.  Karl's philosophy was that how the band sounded was more important than
it's dress code.

Here is a picture of Karl's Country Dutchmen band taken at a different occasion
showing their casual dress.

Karl Hartwich was always hungry and here is a photo of him scarfing down grub
courtesy of one of his female fans.

Karl spent many days in the company of his friend, Brian.  Here he is shown in a
bit of horseplay with him.

A typical scene showing Karl Hartwich playing a duet with Brian at a dance.

Karl Hartwich and Brian Brueggen playing a battle of the concertinas.

A real battle going on in this scene!

And another one.

And another one.

Here Brian and Karl are harmonizing on a tune in the band tent.