The above recordings are no longer available, but you might try convincing
his wife, Helen, to have more of them made, by contacting her at the below
address or phone number.

Jerry Gilbertson's Recordings                                     Available?
----------------------------                                      ----------
                                                         Year   LP   Cass   CD
                                                         ----  ----  ----  ----
"From the 1950's"                                        1989   No    No    No
"As You Remember Them - the 1960's"                      1990   No    No    No
"Something Old Something New"                            1990   No    No    No
"Now"                                                    1992   No    No    No

Booking info, recordings, or otherwise: Mrs. Jerry Gilbertson 126 No. Van Ness Street West Salem, WI 54669 Phone: (608)786-1641