The above recordings can be obtained directly from Gary or Willard Brueggen,
by contacting them at the below address or phone number.

Gary's Ridgeland Dutchmen Recordings                              Available?
----------------------------                                      ----------
                                                         Year   LP   Cass   CD
                                                         ----  ----  ----  ----
Ridgeland Dutchmen (self titled)                         1987   No   Yes    No
Ridgeland Dutchmen & The Polka Mass Trio                 1987   No   Yes    No
Music For Young and Old                                  1988   No   Yes    No
Polkas:  Music of the 90's!                              1990   No   Yes    No
Gospel Songs and Family Favorites                        1990   No   Yes    No
One More Time:  Volume 6                                 1992   No   Yes    No
Sunshine and Rainbows                                    1993   No   Yes    No
Featuring "Wisconsin's Concertina Kid"                   1997   No   Yes   Yes
1998 Limited Edition (SOLD OUT - Sorry!!)                1998   No    No    No
Plays Those Songs That Have Been Forgotten               1999   No   Yes   Yes
Ice Cubes and Beer                                       2001   No   Yes   Yes
"CASHTON, OUR POLKA TOWN"                                2003   No   Yes   Yes
26 Gospel and Christmas Songs                            2004   No    No   Yes
I Feel A Headache Coming On                              2005   No   Yes   Yes
Gary's Ridgeland Dutchmen - 25 years of miles, etc.      2007   No    No   Yes
Brueggen Down The House                                  2010   No    No   Yes

Booking info, recordings, or otherwise: Willard or MaryAnn Brueggen 2040 Linda Lane Sparta, WI 54656 Phone: (608)269-2065 or (608)343-1317
Thank you, Gary Brueggen, Ontario, WI 54651