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Philip, Harry, Roger, Willard and Keith Larson. Brian kneeling.

Band members and their wives. Willard and Mary Ann (Gary's parents), Harry and
Marie, Philip and Madonna (Brian's parents) and Brian, Roger and Betty.

Gary's oldest brother's wedding dance, Syl Liebl band playing. Syl Jr on
trombone, Tom Langen on bass, Syl Sr and Carol Seebauer on piano.  Syl lets Brian
in on the action.  Oct 1978.

Same occasion as above with Gary sitting in on drums.  Left to right is Willard,
Gary and Bill Oelke.  Oct 1978.

Gibbon, MN Polka Days - 1979.  Parking lot jam session.  Willard, Bill Oelke,
Bernie Williams, Karl Hartwich, Brian and Gary (in short pants).

Same occasion, with Gary sitting in on drums, with Willard and Brian.

Christmas 1977.  Gary's first set of drums.

Ridgelend Dutchmen in 1983.  Philip, Willard, Gary (10), Brian (18), Margaret and

Concordia Ballroom, La Crosse.  Gary practicing his concertina during a break of
the dance job.

Hiltop ballroom, Fountain City, WI  Ridgeland Dutchmen  Philip, Gary, Harry,
Willard and Brian.

Ridgeland Dutchmen - Harry, Judy, Willard and Gary - 1990 at the Trianon
Ballroom, Edgar, WI.

Gary and the Ridgeland Dutchmen and the Polka Mass Trio
Back Row: Harry, Willard, and Gary Brueggen, and Judy Brueggen Beiver
Front Row: Donna Brueggen Elsen, Carol Brueggen, and Kathy Brueggen Wacker
The Polka Mass Trio, Harry's daughters, performed with the band from 1985-1994.

Late breaking picture of the band.

Jerry Minar and Gary, with Gary's brand new Wolfe concertina - Aug 1993.

Gary and the Ridgeland Dutchmen today.  Front - Willard, Mary Ann and Gary.  Rear
- Robbin Becker, Dennis Nadherny.