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Please pause and listen to Gary and the gang play the Muehlbauer Polka

The Ridgeland Dutchmen in 2011 - Willard, Gary, Chris, Dennis

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Gary's latest recording, "25 Years of Miles, Smiles and Memories" has won "Album of the Year" award thru the Wisconsin Polka Music web site.

Another news item!! This coming October, Gary will be inducted into the World Concertina Congress Hall of Fame.

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The Ridgeland Dutchmen is a name that has been around in the Polka business
for many, many years, and generations.  Through the years, past members
included Gary and Brian's late grandfather Herman Brueggen on drums, late
uncle Roger Brueggen on drums, late uncle "Shorty" Brueggen on violin, their
aunt Angie Dickman on accordion, uncle Harry Brueggen on guitar, cousin Steve
Brueggen on banjo, uncle (and father of Brian), Phillip Brueggen on trumpet,
uncle (and father of Gary), Willard Brueggen on tuba, sister and cousin Judy
Brueggen Biever on drums, as well as family friends, Keith Larson on
concertina and Sandy Larson on clarinet.  Members that are still carrying on
the tradition, as well as the Ridgeland Dutchmen band name, include the
father-son duo of Willard and Gary Brueggen.  Gary and his dad have been
sharing the stage since 1982, and have been on numerous recordings together.

The current band consists of Gary on concertina, button accordion, and vocals,
Willard Brueggen on tuba.  Dennis Nadherny joined the band in the start of
1995 on drums.  He is originally from Omaha, Nebraska, and also comes from a
great family of musicians including his grandfather Arnold Paulson from Iowa,
the leader of the famous Paulson's Dutchmen, and his dad Ron Nadherny who
still currently has a band in Omaha, Nebraska playing both Old-Time music
jobs, and Big Band gigs.  And finally adding her vocals, piano rhythm and
saxophone playing, is none other than Laurie Solberg, of the Wayne Solberg
family band name.  She's a great addition to the band as well as a terrific
asset.  Due to her work schedule, she cannot make all the gigs, so other part-
time members include Denny Anderson, Craig Ebel, Mike McIntyre, Chris Langen,
Tom Schneider, Brian Barnetzke, Gary Hendrickson, Tanya Tauges, and Danny
Jerabek, Jr.

They have played many dances not only in Wisconsin, but also Arizona, Wyoming,
Oregon, Branson, MO, Minnesota, Iowa and also in Kansas, and hope to take
trips to many new areas.  The band has always been fortunate to be able to
form bus trips to far away places.  This band is truly grateful to it's fans
for the love and support through the years and been there through all of the

In November of 1998, the band was blessed by being named co-winners of the
Horizon award from the Wisconsin Polka Hall of Fame.  They shared the award
proudly with long-time friends KICK from Slinger, Wisconsin.  A great ac-
complishment for the band, and also a hope of things to come in the future.
And more recently, in 2003, they were named Band of The Year by the Wisconsin
Polka Hall of Fame.  It was a great surprise to get this award, and it is
cherished by all of the members of Gary's Ridgeland Dutchmen.  So when they
are in your area, or you are in their area, make sure to check out, "Wisconsin's
Concertina Kid", Gary Brueggen and the Ridgeland Dutchmen.

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