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This is a picture of Gary and Brian's grandfather and his band, Herman and the
Jolly Dutchmen.  Left to right in the picture are; Richard Erickson on trumpet,
Donald Janzen on guitar, Phillip Brueggen on trumpet, Herman Brueggen on drums,
Vic Steenburg on accordion, Willard Brueggen on tuba, and "Shorty" Brueggen on
violin.  It is believed that this photo was taken at the Log Cabin Ballroom in
Bangor, Wisconsin, in the 1940's.

The Brueggen family in the early days.  From L-R, Phil, Herman (Dad), Delores,
Shorty, Florentine, Chuck and Harry.  All brothers and sisters.

Henry, Bill & Herman Brueggen - 1920's or 1930's.

Phillip, Chuck & Willard Brueggen - 1945.

Harry, Angie, Willard & Herman Brueggen - 1953.

Willard Brueggen (bass) and Sylvester Liebl (concertina).

Willard Brueggen and his first tuba (sousaphone).  Gary's Dad.

Harry, Herman, Phillip, Willard and Angie Brueggen.

Harry, Herman, Phillip, Willard and Angie Brueggen.  Another view of an old time

Harry, Angie and Phillip Brueggen, practicing.

Brueggen family singing a song (Oct 07, 1979 in Cazanovia).  Late Uncle Roger,
late Uncle Ben, Phillip, Harry, Willard and Angie.  Judy and Gary dancing in
front of stage.

Another view of the Brueggen family (Oct 07, 1979 in Cazanovia).  Brian, Phil,
late Uncle Roger, Clarence Brueggen, Harry, Ben and Willard.

Roger, Phillip, Harry, Willard and Angie Brueggen.

Roger, Harry, Margaret, Willard, Phillip and Shorty Brueggen.

Margaret and Willard and, yes, Gary.