The above recordings can be obtained directly from Brian or Philip Brueggen,
by contacting them at the below address or phone number.

Brian Brueggen's Recordings                                       Available?
---------------------------                                       ----------
                                                         Year  LP's  Cass  CD's
                                                         ----  ----  ----  ----
Volume One - Brian & Mississippi Valley Dutchmen         1986  Yes   Yes   Yes
Volume Two - Brian & Mississippi Valley Dutchmen         1987  Yes    No    No
Volume Three - Music from the Mississippi                1989   No    No   Yes
Volume Four - No longer available                        1992   No    No    No
Volume Five - This One Is Special                                          Yes
Volume Six - 10th Anniversay Special"                    1995   No   Yes   Yes
Volume Seven - Daddy...Play Tina                                No    No   Yes
Volume Eight - Special Delivery                                 No   Yes   Yes
Volume Nine - Brueggen It On                                    No    No   Yes
"Hang 'Em Out To Dry With The Good Ole Boys!"                   No   Yes   Yes
"United"                                                        No    No   Yes

Write concerning availability.

Cassettes: $10.00 and CD's: $15.00

** Mississippi Valley Hat $7.00

* If by mail, add $1.00 for each item purchased.

Booking info, recordings, or otherwise:
Brian Brueggen
Box 16
Cashton, WI  54619
Fax: 608-654-5773