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Please pause and listen to Brian and the gang play the Cashton Polka

German Fest in Milwaukee, WI in July of 2007
Front Row (l-r): Jerry Kayle, sax; Marty Nachreiner, sax; Phil Brueggen,
trumpet; Frank Galewski, bass horn; Brian Brueggen, concertina
Back Row (l-r): Jodi Brueggen, drums; Germaine Liss, keyboard

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  Cashton Bash with Karl, Marty and Brian on concertinas, click Here

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If the Guiness Book of Records had a category for "Most bands in one family,"
the Brueggen family of Cashton would probably be record holders.  For over 100
years, some 17 bands, including Polka Mass groups have consisted entirely of
descendants of William Brueggen, which is Brian's great-great grandfather.
William came to the United States from Germany in 1857, was a drummer in the
Civil War and farmed near Cashton, Wisconsin.

Brian's first job was played at age 5 on a toy accordion where he earned 50
cents, and finished the job by falling asleep behind the stage.  At age 9, he
started playing concertina.  For a number of years he played trumpet in his
father's band.

After a short experience in playing with Danny Witucki and the Music Masters,
he came back home to the Mississippi Valley, and in July, the group, The
Mississippi Valley Dutchmen was born.

In 1987 the Mississippi Valley Dutchmen band was noted the "No.1 Upcoming New
Band" by the Minnesota Ballroom Operators Association.

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